New Heirloom Pendants!

I received the samples of my newest product, and I could not be more excited to offer these to my photography clients! As soon as I opened the beautiful bag and saw my precious furry babies, my heart melted into a puddle and I couldn’t wait to wear them close to my heart.

So many times, our beautiful memories die in a digital graveyard, never to see the light of day. That is why I am so passionate about getting your memories out of the computer, and into your hands, where they can be truly enjoyed.

My Heirloom Pendants are available both as necklaces and as key chains, and come in either antique bronze or silver. Please contact me today to find out how you can book your own photography session. I can’t wait to bring your memories to life too!

Much love,


Your Seattle Pet and Family Photographer!

WM.IMG_1349Heirloom Blog Post_GreensWM.IMG_1281

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