Fame’s Rainbow Bridge Session – Seattle, WA Pet Photography

Oh, Fame. His face just makes me melt into a puddle. Fame was a stunningly handsome rescued Shetland Sheepdog, whom I had the pleasure of photographing earlier this Summer. Fame was a adopted by his mom, Kim, when he was just a young lad.


While in foster care, Fame met his soon-to-be girlfriend Anya, another Shetland Sheepdog. He was 8ms old and she was 5ms old. And it was puppy love at first sight. When Kim went to adopt Fame and learned about his friendship with Anya, she couldn’t bare to separate them. And so, her parents ended up adopting Anya! Because they all work together — the dogs too — it was the perfect arrangement. Fame and Anya were inseparable for over 11yrs.

As he was a rescue, Fame was a bit shy and he had recently been diagnosed with cancer. We decided to do his session where he was most comfortable. This happened to be his Grandparent’s beautiful Seattle home with his mom and his beloved Anya by his side!

It was a beautiful day and a lovely blessing that Fame was still feeling well for his photo session, during which he got lots of treats and kisses. Fame posed like a professional! He even sneaked into his Grandpa’s flowers for a few special portraits.


One of the things I love the most about being a pet photographer is witnessing the powerful bonds my clients have with their pets. Fame and Kim’s bond was no different. It was tangible. Palpable. Unbreakable. To capture that bond on camera in a way that honors the unique connection between animal and human… that is what I strive for in every session.


Sadly, a few weeks after his session, Fame let his mom know that he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Fame said his goodbyes at home, surrounded by all those who loved him dearly. His mom said she was grateful to have these lasting memories of her special boy, to cherish always.


Stay close to your mom and Anya, Fame. They needs you now more than ever. We all love and miss you!

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,
Brooke Mallory

9 thoughts on “Fame’s Rainbow Bridge Session – Seattle, WA Pet Photography

  1. Casey says:

    What a beautiful dog and you captured his spirit so well. I am in need of a Seattle Pet photographer I will be contacting you!

  2. Meredith Peterson says:

    These are gorgeous, I have family in Seattle with an aging dog they would probably love a pet photographer, I will show them your work!

  3. Tracy says:

    Just love this story, your images are beautiful. A friend is looking for a pet photographer in Seattle! I’m telling her to contact you!

  4. Olivia says:

    I love these! These are such great captures, I wish I knew of you while I still lived in Seattle. My dogs need to be photographed. I have plenty of friends still in the area. I’ll mention your name!

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