Apollonia: Why Not Me?

Say hello to beautiful Apollonia! She’s a 3 year-old beautiful black kitty who’s been in foster care since May 2016, and is looking for a special home to call her own.

You’d think having her hind-end paralyzed after getting hit by a car would slow her down. But instead, she’s playing, talking, and giving loves just like the best of them! She is extremely affectionate, curious, and also a bit sassy. She loves playing with her foster sister kitties and will even entertain cat-savvy dogs.

Cat-savvy kids over 8 are also OK in her book! A wheelchair helps her to gain strength and improve hind-end awareness. Physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic visits are helping her on her road to recovery. While she may never regain full use of her back end, she’s seen a ton of improvement since coming to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue about 4 months ago.

Her perfect home would be someone who’s willing to work with her on her recovery and who will love her for the special soul that she is. She also enjoys eats a raw diet that would need to be maintained in her new home.

She could be the perfect addition to your household. Please contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue for more information and to schedule a time to meet this special girl!



Special thanks to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue for giving this special girl a second chance at life, when she was at her lowest. Thank you to Pawsitive Alliance and everyone with the #whynotme campaign for sharing her story and working so hard to find her a loving home!

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

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