Adopt Me: America’s Sweetheart – Seattle, WA

America‘s Sweetheart is a feisty little terrier
who wobbles and bobbles, but couldn’t be any merrier.
For over a year she has patiently waited for love,
looking for an adoring home that will fit her like a glove.

Meet America’s Sweetheart! This darling 1-year-old Jack Russell / Terrier mix has been in Motley Zoo Animal Rescue‘s care for over a year searching for a home, since she was just a wee babe! I did a St. Patrick’s Day inspired adoption photo shoot for her, in hopes it would bring her the luck of the Irish.


Sweetheart is overall healthy, but she does suffer from a congenital neurological condition that causes instability and lack of depth perception. She has a visible wobble. This condition may go away as she ages and her brain’s electrical synapses connect, or she may remain a special girl with a bobble head her whole life. But either way, this does not stop her one bit!


Sweetheart is a feisty little girl and knows what she wants! She loves chews, toys, and playing with other dogs. Because of her neurological disorder, she has a hard time reading cues from other dogs, so she will often continue to try and play past their tolerance level, so supervision is a must.


Sweetheart also loves being held. She will snuggle in your arms and then throw back her head like a hanging bat. We don’t know why she loves to hang her head upside down, but it’s one of her adorable signature moves.


Sugar and spice and everything nice, this spunky special needs girl will be sure to keep you on your toes. Whether she is smiling at you from upside down or chasing her doggie friends, Sweetheart loves life and her enthusiasm is infections.

For more information about Sweetheart or to request an adoption application, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue at You won’t regret it!

Special thanks to our friends with the #Whynotmepets campaign — a marketing campaign that gives the homeless cats and dogs who need more care and attention a chance to find a home as quickly as possible — for collaborating with us to help Sweetheart finally find a loving home!

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

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