Adopt Me: Moby – Seattle, WA

This dapper dog is named Jack Tripper.
He couldn’t be any hipper.
He loves adventures and jumping in puddles.
if you adopt him, he will give a lifetime of cuddles.


Meet Moby! One look in his soulful eyes and funny snaggle tooth, and you will melt into a puddle. This sweet 10-year-old senior Chihuahua was dumped at a shelter, and shortly after it was discovered that he suffered from seizures and severe dental disease.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue took this little guy under their wing in order to provide rock star medical treatment for him. After a major dental cleaning with extractions and medicine to help regulate his seizures, Moby is eagerly anticipating a place to call home.


Moby is an enthusiastic, affectionate and social little guy. He has impeccable house manners and is house trained. He enjoys the outdoors when accompanied by his friends and will sunbath and roll around in the grass on nice days. He co-exists peacefully with dogs and cats in the home.


Moby loves little squeeky toys and plays fetch indoors on rainy days. He is most passionate about going for walks. He tends to bark at dogs and people, but is getting better with counter-conditioning training. He’s very treat motivated and likes to perform for food. Moby is incredibly tolerant of being picked up, getting his nail trimmed and being bathed. He sleeps in a dog bed through the night and is quiet.


Moby is a super-snuggler and spends a lot of time on the couch wrapped in blankets or an available lap. He’s comfortable when left home alone and is content entertaining himself. Overall, Moby is an incredibly charming guy who will bring someone lots of love and companionship.



For more information about Moby or to request an adoption application, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue at You won’t regret it!

Special thanks to our friends with the #Whynotmepets campaign for collaborating with us to help Moby finally find a loving home. They are a marketing campaign that gives the homeless cats and dogs who need more care and attention a chance to find a home as quickly as possible.

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

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