Black Beauty and His Beauty – Seattle Pet Photography

I had the incredible joy of visiting The Animal Experience in Port Orchard, WA, for a pet session with a two beautiful ladies and their stunning horses. Last week I shared with you Amiga and her human Randee.

This week, meet Jessica and Jasper. Jasper is a spunky fella who has quite the wild side. But, when it comes to his beloved Jessica, he melts into a puddle of love.


Photographing Jasper was like photographing Black Beauty, the horse of my childhood dreams. Watching the sun set behind  him, I knew that it was a moment I would never forget.  I could continue to photograph this pair for the rest of my life, and would never run out of inspiration.

The Animal Experience offers kids and adults alike the opportunity to interact with their wide variety of friendly animals on their adorable farm. Their mission is to spread humane education by advocating kindness and compassion to all living creatures. They offer programs focused on improving the lives of animals and people through basic animal skills training and therapeutic experiences with animals, which delivers an abundance of rewards for both humans and animals alike.

I highly recommend visiting the farm on their Open Farm days, to meet with all their kid-friendly animals! And when you see Amiga and Jasper, give them a sugar cube and tell them it’s from their biggest fan, Miss. Brooke!


Your Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

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