Zelda’s Rainbow Bridge Session – Seattle Pet Photography

Over the Summer I had the pleasure of photographing Zelda and her brother, Sage. This was a Rainbow Bridge session for Zelda. The goal was to capture her spirit while she was still feeling herself, vibrant and full of zest. This past month, Zelda made her way over the rainbow. Her mom shares her story below.



From Zelda’s beloved mom, “Zelda is from a litter I bred in 2002, and is now the last survivor, bless her heart.  I kept two puppies:  ‘Grace,’ who became a breed champion and specialty winner, and “Zelda,” a “fluffy” I did not intend to keep but had no choice, as she insisted!  Thank goodness, as I now can’t imagine how much poorer my life would have been without her!  A “fluffy” is a Corgi with long hair, not strictly correct for a Corgi, but oh so glamorous.”


“Zelda is accomplished as well as beautiful:  holder of multiple performance titles, she is skilled at herding both sheep and ducks, inspired me to get back into the obedience ring, and was my first Rally dog.  In 2003, she and I founded the Fluffy Power calendar, featuring ALL fluffy Corgis, which we designed and published for ten years, giving fluffies some of the recognition they deserve.”


“When baby Sage arrived in 2009, Zelda wanted NOTHING to do with him.  “Get him out of here,” she said, quite clearly.  Figuring out how to live successfully with Z and her sister and their mom is what gave Sage his name:  a “sage” is a wise man.  Also he’s super cute and smart and funny and a real charmer.  He’s a breed champion and holds titles in AKC Obedience and Rally, but his special skill is helping me as an assistance dog, picking up all manner of items from the floor and bringing the phone to me on command.  Sometimes I hide the phone from him (to practice finding it) – and sometimes he hides it from me!  He’s also a great ball dog, and my current farmers market pal.  He and Z did become great friends, and are simply a joy every single day.”


In her announcement that Zelda passed, this was what her mom had to say, “Zelda reached the summit, celebrated being fifteen. And then flew off in a bright shaft of early spring sunlight, joining her beloved sister Grace at the Bridge, my Glorious Great Girls together again. This photo, taken just six months ago, says it all: Z brought joy and exuberance every day of her blessed long life, and this is my girl, eyes bright, hair flying, mouth open, come to live out loud. Ragtime’s Willing Heart, RN, PT, CGC, FDDX March 6, 2002 – March 10, 2017.”

Please send blessings to sweet Zelda, who is now an angel above, as well as to her mom and brother as they navigate through this difficult time.



Your Pet Photographer,


Brooke Mallory

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