Adopt Me: Shania Twain and Her Kittens – Redmond, WA

Shania Twain is a very beautiful and social cat who came into Motley Zoo Animal Rescue‘s care ready to pop with an adorably big baby bump. Once she was safe and warm in one of Motley Zoo’s loving foster homes, she found a cozy little spot and birthed five healthy kittens.

When the babies were five-weeks-old, I did an adoption portrait session for them to help them find loving homes. Fast forward a few weeks and some of the kittens have been adopted, but Shania and two of her kits are still waiting to find the perfect families to provide them with everlasting love!

If you are interested in adopting Shania or either/both of her available kittens, please contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue by email or visit their website. Having met them all, I can attest their their extreme level of adorableness and their super social personalities!


Shania Twain – Available for Adoption



Wild and Wicked (Female) – Available for Adoption



Party for Two (Male) – Available for Adoption



Luv Eyes (Female) – Adopted



Ka-Ching (Male) – Adopted



Juanita (Female) – Adopted


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, foster-based, volunteer-run, animal rescue organization based out of Redmond, WA.


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