Blind Dog Sees for the First Time

Cassandra’s future is looking so bright she needs to wear shades!


We wanted to extend a special thank you to all our Motley Zoo Animal Rescue supporters who helped give the gift of sight to this once homeless and nearly blind little dog, Cassandra Craft.

Because of your donation, not only can Cassandra now see with close to perfect vision — for probably the first time in her life — but shortly after recovering from her eye-saving cataract surgeries, Cassandra was adopted into a wonderful, loving home!

Heartwarming Video Showcasing Cassandra Craft’s Transition

cassandra house

.Cassandra was a 3-year-old, sight-impaired Chihuahua who had cataracts in both eyes that rendered her nearly blind. She was rescued by Motley Zoo from a horrible hoarding situation, along with forty other dogs and puppies. Shown to the right is an actual picture of the home from which she was rescued.

Cassandra was mostly likely born with the cataracts and her vision was equated to looking through a snow covered automobile windshield. Cataract surgery restored her eyesight to almost normal. Motley Zoo could no-t have done it without you!

Cassandra sends her love and thanks from the comfort from her beloved forever home!

Collage 2017-05-13 11_25_18.jpg

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill, foster-based, animal rescue organization that relies on donations from supporters like you to continue saving lives. Motley Zoo’s vet bills average about $15,000 per month.



Your pet photographer,

Brooke Mallory


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