Pet Photography Class for Adoption: Regional Animal Services of King County

Upcoming Pet Photography Class

Say Cheese-2

WM.AJ7A5544This course was specifically developed to teach shelter staff and volunteers how to capture quality adoption images of the animals in their care, regardless of skill, location, or equipment limitations!

Participants will learn tips, tricks and techniques designed to capture compelling and potentially life-saving images. The information learned can be adapted to fit individual and site-specific needs.

wm-img_8636As a Seattle-based professional pet photographer and co-founder of an award-winning, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue, Brooke Mallory’s engaging pet photography has helped hundreds of homeless animals get adopted. In this class, Brooke will share all her secrets and help take your pet photography to the next level!


  • Camera operation
  • HighRes.Whatcom Class 05.16.15_2982Composition techniques
  • Finding the right lighting
  • How to engage the animal
  • Troubleshooting challenges
  • Photographing black animals
  • Taking adoption worthy pet portraits
  • … and more!


  • Pet Photography Class for Adoption: Regional Animal Services of King County
    • Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017
    • Time: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
    • Location: Regional Animal Services of King County 21615 64th Ave S Kent, WA 98032
    • Class: RASKC Volunteers & Staff Only
    • RSVP: Please email Sarah Luthens to reserve a spot!
    • Questions? Please contact us here.
    • Please do not bring animals to the class.

Adopt Me: Jack Tripper – Seattle, WA

This dapper dog is named Jack Tripper.
He couldn’t be any hipper.
He loves adventures and jumping in puddles.
if you adopt him, he will give a lifetime of cuddles.

Meet Jack Tripper! This boy has been waiting ever so patiently in Motley Zoo Animal Rescue’s care since 05/02/2017, waiting for the perfect home to adopt him. I did a St. Patrick’s Day inspired adoption photo shoot with him in the hopes this would bring him the luck of the Irish.


Jack is a handsome 1-year-old Husky / Retriever mix. While he looks more like a Retriever, his mother was a beautiful red Husky. His father is unknown. When he was just a baby, Jack almost died from parvo. Motley Zoo saved his life and now he is healthy and ready for a forever home.


Jack’s foster parents say he is an amazing dog. He loves people and dogs. He is very energetic and would do great with an active household that loves getting out and being active. Jack loves exercise and thrives on stimulation to keep him busy. He would make an amazing running or hiking partner.

When it’s time to relax, Jack enjoys cuddles too. He is very in-tuned with is people and responsive, but as he is still just a young lad, he sometimes gets distracted. Not that we can blame him! There is just so much in the world left for him to explore!

WM.AJ7A5519Previous Husky experience is a plus, because very true to the Husky in him, Jack is an escape artist. He should never be left unsupervised in a yard. He thinks escaping is like a puzzle and boy does he love puzzles.

If you are a wanderlust looking for an adventure partner, Jack is your guy! Please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue for more information or for an adoption application at!

Special thanks to our friends with the #Whynotmepets campaign for collaborating with us to help Jack finally find a loving home! The #Whynotmepets is a marketing campaign that gives the homeless cats and dogs who need more care and attention a chance to find a home as quickly as possible.


Your Seattle Pet Photographer, 


Brooke Mallory



Adopt Me: America’s Sweetheart – Seattle, WA

America‘s Sweetheart is a feisty little terrier
who wobbles and bobbles, but couldn’t be any merrier.
For over a year she has patiently waited for love,
looking for an adoring home that will fit her like a glove.

Meet America’s Sweetheart! This darling 1-year-old Jack Russell / Terrier mix has been in Motley Zoo Animal Rescue‘s care for over a year searching for a home, since she was just a wee babe! I did a St. Patrick’s Day inspired adoption photo shoot for her, in hopes it would bring her the luck of the Irish.


Sweetheart is overall healthy, but she does suffer from a congenital neurological condition that causes instability and lack of depth perception. She has a visible wobble. This condition may go away as she ages and her brain’s electrical synapses connect, or she may remain a special girl with a bobble head her whole life. But either way, this does not stop her one bit!


Sweetheart is a feisty little girl and knows what she wants! She loves chews, toys, and playing with other dogs. Because of her neurological disorder, she has a hard time reading cues from other dogs, so she will often continue to try and play past their tolerance level, so supervision is a must.


Sweetheart also loves being held. She will snuggle in your arms and then throw back her head like a hanging bat. We don’t know why she loves to hang her head upside down, but it’s one of her adorable signature moves.


Sugar and spice and everything nice, this spunky special needs girl will be sure to keep you on your toes. Whether she is smiling at you from upside down or chasing her doggie friends, Sweetheart loves life and her enthusiasm is infections.

For more information about Sweetheart or to request an adoption application, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue at You won’t regret it!

Special thanks to our friends with the #Whynotmepets campaign — a marketing campaign that gives the homeless cats and dogs who need more care and attention a chance to find a home as quickly as possible — for collaborating with us to help Sweetheart finally find a loving home!

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

The Animal Experience – Seattle Pet Photography

I had the incredible joy of visiting The Animal Experience in Port Orchard, WA, for a pet session with some beautiful ladies and their horses. For this blog post, I will introduce you to Randee and Amiga.

Randee and Amiga are quite the bonded pair and their relationship spans many, many years. Amiga is a senior and recently they found some cancerous lumps. This pet session was the perfect opportunity to capture Amiga’s true spirit while she was still feeling her spunky self, and of course her unbreakable bond with Randee.

Randee and Amiga make a great team on the farm, sharing their love with the world, while helping people learn through humane education. Together, they are working towards a kinder, more compassion generation to come.

The Animal Experience gives kids and adults alike the opportunity to interact with their wide variety of friendly animals on their adorable farm. Their mission is to spread humane education by advocating kindness and compassion to all living creatures.

The Animal Experience offers programs focused on improving the lives of animals and people through basic animal skills training and therapeutic experiences with animals, which delivers an abundance of rewards for both humans and animals alike.


I highly recommend visiting the farm on their Open Farm days, to meet with all their kid-friendly animals!


Your Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory

Homeless Dog Getting New Eyes!

Together we have funded the full cost of Cassandra’s cataract surgeries!

Cassandra is full of smiles! I want to thank you for your support, both emotionally and financially! Cassandra will get her surgeries and see for likely the first time in her life!

Total Raised: $4,250

These funds will pay for her exam with the specialist, the diagnostic tests, and the $3,500 surgery cost. Anything remaining will go towards her spay surgery and dental to pull some bad teeth.

Cassandra’s favorite games are playing chase with Ottis and tossing her toys all around the house. After her surgery, she will be able to actually find her toys after tossing them. She will give Ottis a run for his money!

Cassandra is a 3-year-old, sight-impaired Chihuahua with cataracts in both eyes that
have rendered her nearly blind. She was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation, along with forty other dogs and puppies. An actual picture of the home from which she was rescued is shown to the right.

16300346_1385703521492352_11649935462423288_oCassandra was mostly likely born with these cataracts and her vision is equated to looking through a snow covered automobile windshield. Cataract surgery has a high success rate and it should restore her eyesight to almost normal!

Thank you for helping this special girl! After all she has been through, we so glad to be able to ensure she has the best life possible.

Once Cassandra has completed all her pending surgeries and she is on the mend, she will be available for adoption. This silly, zoomies-loving, snuggle bunny will make a wonderful companion for a very lucky home!

Follow Cassandras’s continued journey on our Facebook page.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill, foster-based, animal rescue organization that relies on donations from supporters like you to continue saving lives. Motley Zoo’s vet bills average about $15,000 per month.

Manny’s Pet Session – Seattle Pet Photography

As I’m shivering at my desk in my Grandma’s afghan and slippers, and dreaming of warmer weather, I just had to do a flashback to a super fun session from this Summer.

wm-img_8636Meet Manny! This boy was an absolutely dream in front of the camera. He seemed to know just how to pose. Pair this with his expressive face, and you have a model in the making!

We held his session at Green Lake Park in Seattle, WA, where he got to show his sensitive side, as well as his silly, stick-loving, water-jumping, wild side!

Here is what Manny’s Mom had to say about him:

“Manny is 2.5yrs old and I found him roaming around the streets in St. Louis, MO. I tried to find his owner but had no luck, so he got his forever home with me. His favorite activity is running at full speed! When he runs he likes to leap & jump. Most people ask me if he’s part kangaroo. Manny also loves to swim and participate in agility training. He has recently started dock diving and loves it! His favorite dog park is Marymoor dog park. Manny has become an expert at dog parks in the country. He has been able to visit lots of dog parks in the US, since he travels with me for my job.”

Manny and his mom are so well-traveled that a few days after our session, they moved again due to her work. Of course, Manny always joins her. It’s not even an option for her to not have Manny by her side. That takes true dedication and love. With my work in animal rescue, I have seen so many animals over the years discarded due to their owner moving. But Manny never has to worry that his mom’s relocations will leave him in the lurch. He is his mama’s boy, through and through!

wm-img_8848We wish them well in their new adventures and I’m sure Manny will greatly enjoy exploring all the new dog parks!

wm-img_8809Hey, Manny! Maybe you should write a traveling book about all his dog park adventures!?!


Your Seattle Pet Photographer,
Brooke Mallory

Adopt Me: Supernatural Puppies & Mama – Seattle, WA

Are you ready for cuteness overload? Let me introduce you to the adorable and adoptable Supernatural Litter. This pile of puppies and their mama were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in Eastern Washington. They are now available for adoption through Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. For more information or to adopt, please contact Motley Zoo by email here. Now sit back, grab some ice cream, and enjoy…

Charlie Bradbury (Female)



Crowley (Male)



Bela Talbot (Female)



Dean Winchester (Male)



Sam Winchester (Male)



Castiel (Female)



Mary Winchester (Mama)



The Family



And I couldn’t resit throwing in a little baby blooper!



Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-run, foster-based, no-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization based out of Redmond, WA. They rely on public donations to do the amazing work they do for the animals in our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this worthy organization so that they can continue to rescue pets in need such as this adorable little family.


Your Seattle Pet Photography,


Brooke Mallory



Give the Gift of Sight to Homeless Dog

Please HELP Save Cassandra Craft’s Eyes

i-only-have-eyes-for-youWe are fundraising to give the gift of sight to a very special homeless dog!


Cassandra is a 3-year-old, sight-impaired Chihuahua  with cataracts in both eyes. She was rescued from a horrible hoarding case, along with forty other dogs and puppies.

The cause of the cataracts at such a young age is unknown. Due to her young age and the condition of her cataracts, the concern is that she will eventually develop glaucoma in both her eyes or lens luxation, both of which are painful conditions that could render her completely blind and even result in eye removal.

16300346_1385703521492352_11649935462423288_oTo prevent a lot of pain and heartache down the road, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue — the amazing rescue that we are fostering her through — is fundraising for the cost to perform cataract surgery on both eyes, which not only will prevent further complications, but it also has a good chance of restoring her eye sight to almost normal!

But Motley Zoo cannot do this alone! They rely on donations from private donors like you and me to afford challenging medical cases like Cassandra. Below are the details on the costs involved and how you can donate directly to Cassandra’s care!

Costs To Save Cassandra’s Eyes:

  • $145     Initial exam with the eye specialist
  • $330     Electroretinography (ERG) on both eyes. The purpose of the ERG is to determine whether the retina is functioning properly. This should tell us if she will be able to see after cataract surgery.
  • $3,400     Cataract surgery for both eyes. This includes the surgery, medications, and three follow-up exams.

** These costs do not include her additional medical needs, which include a spay surgery as well as a dental surgery to remove a bad tooth, and possibly a few other suspect teeth.

img_20170131_220620How to Donate Toward Cassandra’s Medical Care:

  • Donate Securely Online


  • Donate Via PayPal:
    • Send payment to info at motleyzoo dot org
    • Make a note that it is for Cassandra Craft’s care
  • Donate Via Snail Mail:
    • Motley Zoo Animal Rescue 16715 Cleveland St A, Redmond, WA 98052
    • Make a note that it is for Cassandra Craft’s care

Thank you for considering helping this special girl! After all she has been through, we want to ensure she has the best life possible. Once Cassandra has completed all her pending surgeries, she will be available for adoption! This silly, zoomies-loving, snuggle bear will make a wonderful companion for a very lucky home!

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill, foster-based, animal rescue organization that relies on donations from supporters like you to continue saving lives. Motley Zoo’s vet bills average about $15,000 per month.

Actual picture of the home from which Cassandra was rescued, pictured above!


Adopt Watson: Goofy Mutt Searches for a Home (Seattle, WA)

I’ve teamed up again with the Why Not Me? Campaign, Pawsitive Alliance, and Motley Zoo Animal Rescue to give an overdue spotlight on an adorable adoptable dog who has been waiting over six-months to find a loving home! Can you share Watson far and wide to help him find a home?

Meet Watson! This pouty-faced couch potato has been looking for a loving home for over six-months! He is available for adoption through Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.wm-aj7a3067-edit

Watson, a two-year old Labrador mix, is a low-energy guy who enjoys a nice stroll with his family, but doesn’t have much interest in a game of fetch or a morning run. He’d much rather watch you work out than do it himself. Watson enjoys a few toys, like his favorite squeaky pig, but he generally likes to play with it by himself. He runs around the house leaping and flipping it in the air. You could throw it for him, but he might not bring it back. He likes to be with his people and will follow you from room-to-room, if you let him.


Watson enjoys a rainy Saturday afternoon hanging out or even a house party. He enjoys greeting guests and meeting new people. He also likes to be pet, groomed (although his coat doesn’t require much), and bathed. He thinks he’s handsome and likes to look like the dapper gentleman he is. Watson knows basic obedience and comes when called. Watson would love a home where he Netflix binging is a regular occurrence, and maybe some Sunday Football to round out his weekend.

If you are looking for a laid-back, loyal friend, look no further! Watson is your guy! For more information on Watson or to get an adoption application, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Your Seattle Pet Photographer,

Brooke Mallory



Adopt Roxette: Shy and Sweet Chiweenie (Seattle, WA)

This month’s Adoption Spotlight is for a very special little dog named Roxette who is available for adoption in Redmond, WA through Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Roxette is very special to me because I am her foster mom and I love her dearly! This girl has been homeless since December 2015! WHAT!?! WHY!?! Well, part of the reason is that she is a shy girl who struggles with change and she takes time trusting new people.

This 9-year-old senior needs an adopter who is experienced and willing to help her past her fear. But trust me, this diamond in the rough is worth all the effort and more. Earning her trust is like slowly pealing back the petals of a rose and finding a pearl waiting inside.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s let Roxette explain…


Hi! My name is Roxette. I’m a 9-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who is looking for the perfect family to call my own. I’m a sweet older girl who takes a little time to trust new people. Will you be patient and take some time to get to know me? Once we become friends, I will be your loyal companion for life!

I love to sunbathe in the Summer and snuggle near a warm fire in the Winter. I prioritize being cozy and comfortable above all else. Give me a warm doggie bed or a warm lap, and I’m a happy girl. I could win any napping contest, even against hibernating bears! I also enjoy slow, meandering walks and going on adventures. I’m a joy in the car and I am a quiet and easy-going girl in the house.

I’m looking for a longtime companion. It’s okay if you work full-time outside of the home. I don’t mind napping while you are away, as long as I get some kisses when you come home. I enjoy respectful older children and I don’t mind other dogs of any size, as long as they respect my space and aren’t too rambunctious. I might be tiny, but if a puppy is being naughty, I will remind them of their manners like any good Grandma would do. I won’t bat an eyelash at kitties either!

I really love food, which my foster mom said makes training really fun. Because I’m a mature girl, I already know the basics such as crate training, house training, and walking nicely on a leash. But now I’m learning all kinds of new tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘touch.’ Soon I will be taking a confidence class for shy dogs too, which will be lots of fun. Maybe you would like to do the class with me? It would help build our bond!

Come check me out, you won’t regret it!

For more information regarding Roxette, please email Motley Zoo Animal Rescue or contact me!