Rainbow Bridge Sessions

HighRes.3765_2015.08.01_Angus Rainbow Bridge_Donna Barney_Brooke MalloryWhether you’ve spent a short time or a lifetime with your pet, saying goodbye is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. This end-of-life session is specially designed for terminally ill or elderly pets.

Brooke Mallory Photography will capture lasting memories that celebrate your pet’s life, and the beautiful bond you have together. This session can be held wherever your pet feels most comfortable, whether that is at your home, at their favorite park, or at the beach. The possibilities are endless.

These sessions are very near and dear to our hearts, and we can often accommodate them as soon as they are needed, on an emergency basis, but it is recommended to plan ahead when circumstances allow. With more time,
we’re often able to capture your pet while he’s still feeling and looking well.

Is your pet camera-shy? Not to worry! With a decade of experience in animal rescue as the co-founder of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, Brooke specializes in rehabilitating animals that come from some of the worst environments.

HighRes.April.Rachel Passarelli April Rainbow Bridge 03.07.15 Motley Zoo Piper_20150225_7350Brooke’s patience, compassion and solid working knowledge of positive training techniques, helps her ease even the most nervous of animals so that they are more comfortable in front of the camera.For more information about our standard pet sessions, click here.

Please contact us today to book your session!