Say “Cheese” Pet Photography Classes & Workshops


“Brooke makes learning fun and her deep understanding of animal behavior gave me a new perspective on my own pets.” – Jen

WM.AJ7A5544Whether you are a beginner looking for a place to start or a professional looking to fine-tune your animal handling from behind the camera, this hands-on class is for you. As a Seattle-based professional pet photographer and co-founder of an award-winning, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue, Brooke Mallory’s engaging pet photography has helped hundreds of homeless animals get adopted. In this class, Brooke will share all her secrets and help take your pet photography to the next level!

HighRes.Whatcom Class 05.16.15_2982.jpgClass Topics

  • Camera operation
  • Composition techniques
  • Finding the right lighting
  • How to engage the animal
  • Troubleshooting challenges
  • Photographing black animals
  • … and more!


Brooke will demonstrate how she wrangles her furry models and helps them become more comfortable in front of the camera, using her vast knowledge of animal behavior, positive training techniques, and calming signals. At the end of class, you will be able to practice your new skills. Bring your camera!




Would you like to increase your adoption rate and help the animals in your care find their forever homes faster? Would you like to take your online social media engagement to the next level?

As the co-founder of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and a Seattle-based professional pet photographer, Brooke has worked deep in the rescue trenches, fighting for the cause. She knows first hand how much impact a great image can have on the life of a homeless pet. This is why Brooke is so passionate about teaching shelters and rescue groups the best pet photography practices for animal adoption

This course was specifically developed to teach shelters and rescues how to capture quality intake and adoption images of the animals in their care, regardless of skill, location, or equipment limitations!  Participants will learn tips, tricks, and techniques designed to capture compelling and potentially life-saving images. The information learned can be adapted to fit individual and site-specific needs.

Please contact me for more details!

Class Reviews

  • ” Thanks, Brooke! Tonight’s Class was really an interesting learning experience!! Really great tips for taking pics of dogs, cats, and rabbits too.” – Jayne C.
  • “Thanks again for your class tonight! You are as natural in front of the camera as you are behind the lens. Your tips tonight were great! I have been picking apart photos that I’m seeing on Facebook tonight! LOL.” – Valerie C.
  • “Great presentation, Brooke! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your valuable insights with us. I know all our pet pics will be greatly improved!” – Abby W.
  • “Thanks so much! And hey, look! It’s cloudy out, need to grab my camera!” – Cindy R.
  • “Thanks for your time last night – your presentation was great and hopefully I can get some better pictures with your tips.” – Lisa R.
  • ” Thanks, Brooke! It was a really great presentation and we appreciate your time and expertise!” – Maureen L.
  • “Your class was great! And you’re a hoot to listen to. Thanks for all the tips!” – Cathy B.

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